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Nikon D5500. 18-55mm. Abandoned auto dealership in Madrid. 

Sony A7 IIII. Samyang 35mm, f/1.4. Portrait.

Sony A7 III. Sony 50mmm, f/1.8. Cow captured in Algeciras, Spain.

Nikon D5500. Portrait captured with kit lens.

Film noir stills

captured in a Madrid squat, in 2019.

Nikon D5500 with kit lens.

Lighting: a mobile phone´s flash. 


My first portrait with the Sony A7 III. Punkie in Malsaña, Madrid.

Félix, a malgueñian model I met on London's tube who was in the UK for 2 days for an Absolute Vodka campaign.

We met the following day for a photoshoot. 

Portrait was taken at Camden's Underworld with its available light.

Itzíar, my best friend. Taken during Storm Filomena, an extraordinary cyclone that brought Madrid its heaviest snowfall in a century. 2021.

Nikon D5500.

Ibiza's night. 2020.

Asked my friend to sit through a bus stop's glass and waited for a car to drive through.

Taken on a Canon AV-1 . Kodak Portra 400.

Kodak Portra 400.

Félix at Notting Hill. I took a special interest in editing his facial features  picturesquely.


Experimenting with low shutter speed.


A kid captured at the top of a tree at Hyde Park. Kodak Portra 400.

The other side of Hyde Park.

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